Friday, July 15, 2011

Nicholas’ Flag Project

I’m not sure why kids love flags so much, but I was sure to include them on the William Wanders website to appeal to this fascination.  William would go through each country and after some time was able to tell me which flag belonged to which country among other flag facts.  At the time, I had no idea if this was going to be something that other kids would have an interest in or not, but when developing I just wanted to include what I knew he would like.
After some time I received a note from the parents of Nicholas, aged 5.  They told me that their son had come up with a project idea.  With the help of his dad they printed the world’s flags, cut and taped them to toothpicks, and pasted a map on foam core for the base.  Nicholas’ parents were thrilled at how their son was able to identify nearly every country in the world and in such a short time.  His Kindergarten teacher had expressed to his parents that his interests are so fascinating for a child his age.  I am thrilled that he used WilliamWanders as a springboard into this new hobby! 

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