Monday, January 23, 2012

Around the World in 32 Teeth

The Diva and I recently attended a book signing by author Olympia Filippeli for her book Around the World in 32 Teeth.  It is a story about a boy that loses his first tooth and journeys the world in search of what to do with it.  He travels to 32 countries (the number of teeth we have) and discovers that children around the world have different customs including tossing the tooth on the roof of your house. 

For us, the stars were aligned that day.  While my daughter and I had been watching this tooth wiggle and hang by a thread for about a week, her first tooth fell out the very morning of the book signing so it was an extra special treat for her not only to have this adorable book as a gift, but to have the author sign her book.  I'm sure losing her first tooth will be something she will always remember!

That night, after reading the book and wondering which custom she would follow, my daughter decided to put the tooth under her pillow and wait for Tooth Fairy to leave her a gift.  Before bed I asked what she thought the Tooth Fairy was going to bring her. “Maybe you’ll be lucky and get a dollar!” I said, to which she replied, “I’d rather have 4 quarters because that’s 100 cents!!”.  Kids say the cutest things.

A special thank you to Olympia for writing such a great world cultures book for kids about a life experience that they can directly relate to, and also for being such a sweetheart that the Diva is still talking about the day she met you! 

To learn more about Olympia Filippeli, visit her website.
To purchase the book Around the World in 32 Teeth, visit here.

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