Monday, January 9, 2012

Faster than you can say "Little Pink Houses"!

My six year old, the Diva, has been playing with the Wander Our World app.  Thank goodness for that because I was honestly worried that the Love of Geography gene had skipped her. 

When she was at the age that my oldest son could name all of the Spanish speaking countries of the world just by looking at their flags, my daughter wanted to play Candy Land and draw pictures of rainbows.  Of course there is nothing wrong with that, but seeing her enjoy the app that took me nearly a year to plan and launch does make me happy to say the least.

Allister Clark/
I’ve been watching over her shoulder and sneaking peeks here and there about which countries she is visiting, and I notice the first place she goes to whenever she picks up the iPad is directly to Central America/Caribbean, taps on the Cayman Islands, and swipes to the second image without any hesitation.  I asked her what it is that she likes and she told me it is the color of the houses.   I'm sure the happy-go-lucky music that accompanies the images helps too.

She tells me that she wants to go visit the Cayman Islands so she can see these houses in person - the travel bug bites again!  I can’t say I blame her so plans are underway for Travel on Tuesday to the Cayman Islands tomorrow.

Update:  We "traveled" to the Cayman Islands last night and had a great time with the craft.  Using scraps of felt, aluminum foil, tissue paper, foam pieces, letters from a necklace making kit, sparkles from another craft kit, construction paper, and packing material left over from the Holidays (in other words, scrounge around the house and use whatever materials you have!)  we made the Caribbean Sea come to life.  :)

SCUBA diving video:  Check out this young girl's experience scuba diving at St. Thomas, another Caribbean Island.  The quality and content of this video is top notch to help give kids an idea of what the seascape of the Caribbean is really like.  It is aptly titled "Can you travel the world without leaving home?" #10 on the travel section of Wonderopolis.

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