Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I have a new favorite dessert, and it comes from Gabon.

There is a great word that stems from the Greek language called “xenophobia” which means fear of the unknown.  When we decided to Travel on Tuesday to Gabon that is exactly the word that came to mind to describe the feeling my family had about what that would be like.  “Gabon?  What do they eat there?” I have to admit, that I too had the same feeling in the beginning.

Maybe this is hard to imagine, but I prepared a meal using ingredients I already had at home, and I definitely don’t consider my kitchen pantry a stash of international ingredients.  The only thing I had to run out and buy was fresh mint.  I made the following: Gabon Cucumber Salad, Mustard Chicken, and Baked Bananas, and while they were all foods that we would normally eat for dinner, the combination of the flavors was what helped us identify it as a cultural experience.  For example, I have never put cumin on salad, or cooked chicken in mustard.

But what peaked my excitement the most was the baked bananas.  Who knew that rolling bananas in orange juice and egg, breading, frying, baking, and serving them with sour cream sprinkled with brown sugar was going to catapult this recipe to the top of my list for favorite desserts ever!   OK, it may be a tough call since I like so many, but I could have probably devoured another plateful (or two or three) of this stuff! 

As it turns out, cooking a meal that originates in a country far away from home doesn’t always feel so far away after all.  Travel on Tuesday to Gabon was good…very, very good.  :)

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  1. How fun! I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Gabon! :)