Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Travel on Tuesday to Brazil

I have been cooking for as long as I was able to pull up a chair to the kitchen counter.  I loved home economics in middle school, and as a teenager I used to watch Julia Child long before watching cooking shows was cool.  After all these hours/days in front of the Food Network and living in a city with some of the world’s top rated restaurants, I have come to this conclusion……….I'm not all that.

However!  Yesterday I was putting together Brazil’s national food, Freijoada, and boy did I knock it out of the park!  I am not one to follow recipes very well, and I decided to improvise from several variations that I found online.  It was probably one of the first meals I ever made where I secretly thought to myself ‘I hope nobody likes it because MORE FOR ME!’  I used bacon, onion, garlic, black beans, pork tenderloin medallions, and chicken chorizo.  The result was perfectly balanced and yum-my.  

We created three Rio Carnival masks and pretended to travel to Brazil!  I will have to admit that because it was Valentine’s Day, my kids were much more interested in their bags of treats and valentines from school than they were in learning about Rio de Janeiro or the various giant beetles that live in the rainforest, but it was awesome to watch my 3 year old showing his older sister where Brazil is on the map this morning. :)

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  1. If your kids want to know anything about Brazil, you can have them ask me....I've spent over 3.5 months in Brazil over 5 trips, e falo portugues bastante bom.

  2. That's awesome Tom! Thanks for the heads up. And...lucky you for spending so much time there. A little jealous over here. :)