Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Travel on Tuesday to China

Among the awesome things about Chinatown is the overabundance of affordable trinkets and decorations that helped bring together one of the most festive of all the Travel on Tuesdays in our house. Paper parasols, paper dragon, and banana leaf hats were all items that we used. I also took Ben to Beijing for a Spring Break trip when he was in first grade (now that’s another story!), so we had quite a collection of souvenirs as well, including his “I climbed the Great Wall of China” plaque.   
The best thing about this Travel on Tuesday was that I decided to turn the cooking reins over to Chopstick Express and have more time to decorate and do crafts.  Unbeknownst to me, the Diva would be making a dragon craft in school that day because they were studying the Year of the Dragon.  Perfect!   Now I can sit back and relax!  (yeah, right)  :)
After decorating and getting the food on the table, I decided to load up China on the Wander Our World app.  The music provided just the right final touch to the ambiance at the dinner table, and the images gave us something to chat about. 
Ready to eat!  As expected, the chopsticks definitely made dinner time fun!  We ate pot stickers, orange chicken, shrimp with broccoli, egg rolls and crab rangoon. The Diva, remembering how much she loved the coconut rice from Travel on Tuesday to Kenya, didn’t hesitate one bit in diving into her bowl of sticky rice.  I would also like to mention that she did not give up on the chopsticks and ate the whole bowl of rice using them!
The one glitch in the meal was feeding Little A.  His severe peanut, tree nut, soy, dairy, egg, legume, shellfish, and sesame allergies didn’t quite fit with the Chinese cuisine (seriously, it was a like a minefield for him on the table), however, I had made some Allergy-free sticky rice at home that he could eat with his chopsticks.  The reaction I was looking for from him was “curious”, “fun”, “playful”, but unfortunately his reaction could better be described as “What in the world is this stuff?!”  And “Get this off my hands!!” 
I finally got a picture of Ben too!  He’s not looking at the camera, but doesn’t he just look too cool for words?  ;)
All in all I am happy to report that this Travel on Tuesday was another success.  We ran out of time and didn’t do the tangram puzzles, because, well, life happens…But I did end the night with a relaxing cup of tea after the kids went to bed! 
Zài jiàn!

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