Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Travel on Tuesday to Russia

Little did I know that when I woke up yesterday for Travel on Tuesday to Russia, that things would get crazy.  I sat at my computer in the morning to come up with the master plan for last night’s dinner.  It dawned on me that I have a friend whose wife, Christie, spent some time studying abroad in Russia so I reached out and asked for some menu help.  I was so thrilled that I didn’t have to do the research myself; double thrilled to have an authentic Russian meal idea.

Her suggestion included foods such as Borscht, fried cauliflower, pelmeni, hard crusted bread with butter, a little caviar, and black tea.   I put the little guy in the car and off we went on a field trip to the international grocery store for ingredients.  I was hoping to find the pelmeni already prepared, but they did not have it.  As a result I was perusing the isles looking for what I needed to make everything from scratch.  Midway through my shopping I get a call from the school nurse that my daughter was feeling sick and needed to be picked up.

Seeing as my afternoon got flipped upside down, I proceeded on to Plan B.  The store sold Borscht prepared in a jar, and I found meat filled pierogis to substitute for the pelmeni.   Some bread, cauliflower, Russian tea cakes, and caviar later, the shopping was done!

Back home I started developing the template for the Russian nesting dolls also called Matryoshka Dolls.  That was a fun project, and I was lucky to have someone home from school to help me color!  Here is a link to the inspiration for the dolls: After I made the first one based on my inspiration piece, I decided to make a variation that included the members of our family.  It cracked me up when the Little A asked “Is that daddy?” because my husband has neither blonde hair nor a beard. 

In the evening, we had band practice, basketball practice, and a fundraising meeting that completely fell out from the back of my head but that I had to attend.  Had I known the day would have been this hectic by the time we sat down for dinner I may have chickened out trying to juggle it all.  However, in between all those activities we pretended to travel to Russia, found it on the map, and ate an awesome meal.  I always love the curious faces when the kids come to the table that night, the cultural things we talk about, and the planning of the next Travel on Tuesday.  It’s the little things that inspire me. :) As a side note, the “Our Russian Family Matryoshka Dolls” sit on our window sill and I suspect they will probably hang around our house for a while.  Stay tuned for the final project specs so that you can do this at home too!

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