Friday, March 9, 2012

Survey to Aid USA Geography Education

I recently took a survey by The American Geographical Society that focused on knowledge about real-world geography and the public understanding of and attitudes about the field of geography.  It was an anonymous survey that included questions about how many geography courses I have taken and at what level of schooling I took these courses.  It was an easy survey to take.

As I was making my way through the survey, each question took no more than a few seconds to complete, but I actually hit a question that made me stop and think.  This is the question:

Would you like for your children (or the next generation in general) to receive more education in geography itself?

1. No, not at all
2. Yes, a little
3. Yes, a lot
4. Don't know

I am well aware that most surveys are formulated to have responders confirm what the survey writer already knows and wants to receive as a response.  However, I am really very curious about this.  Is there anyone that would not choose response number 3? 

You can link to the survey from this website:  It is open for anyone to take.  The way I look at it, anything to aid USA Geography Education (or any country's geography education) is worth 5 minutes!   

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  1. I agree that in most cases, market research questions are designed to support or refute the researcher's (or client's) stance on a particular subject matter.

    In this case, I think you were right to pause - would anyone really oppose less education when it comes to geography? Sadly, I have to guess the answer might be yes. There are people who think we live in a bubble and don't necessarily view geography as an important component of our educational curriculum. When hours of instruction time are limited, and subjects like the arts and geography are omitted because teachers need to concentrate on math, science and reading, can see why geography education may fall to the wayside. Not saying it's right, but I can see why that question needs to be asked.

    It's exciting to see programs like Footprints of the Mind focusing on geography education among younger children. Start their journeys off young...and they'll be lifelong learners (and lovers) of different cultures, I say!