Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Travel on Tuesday to Mexico

I'll have to admit that when the kids decided to travel to Mexico for Travel on Tuesday, I was pretty happy.  For us, it's as easy as going to the nearest grocery store to find cultural food and locating one of many radio stations that plays Hispanic music.  I had some colorful streamers saved from another party we threw, some fabric from a luau a while ago, and some costumes from a past Halloween.  The kids learn Spanish in school as a foreign language, and they already knew several customs and traditions of Mexico because they have studied them in school.  
We had a really nice time, and it was quite relaxing.  We talked about Chichen Itza and how it is one of the New Seven Wonders of the World.  We talked about the Chicxulub Crater in the Yucatan and how many believe it is the source of impact that started the chain reaction of events that made the dinosaurs extinct.  We also spent some time talking about the Mayan and Aztec cultures and about the Long Count Calendar.  I asked the kids what the end of the Mayan calendar meant to them and what they expect will happen on December 21, 2012.
Photo: Don Bayley

The Elusive One: (in a joking manner, though I wonder if there is some truth to his comment) "I think it means the world is coming to an end.  So I shouldn't have to do my homework."

The Diva:  "I don't understand how that is a calendar.  Where are the months and days?"

Little A:  "It means...hhhmmm...I know!  We're going to get presents!"

On the bright side, I am especially thrilled that they exhibit certain levels of logic and reasoning with their responses!  I was also glad that we actually managed some conversational Spanish at the table during dinner.  I spent a year studying abroad in Spain (let's just say, a long, long, time ago) and while I am completely out of practice I wanted to write a little bit in Spanish.  OK, here goes!

Anoche nosotros viajamos a México para una fiesta.  Los niños les encantarían mucho.  Nosotros comimos arroz, tacos,  guaca mole, crema, salsa, y quesadillas.  Desde vivimos en un lugar con mucha gente mexicana, el radio tiene algunas estaciones de música para nuestra fiesta.   Los niños llevaron sombreros y ponían decoraciones de papel en la cocina.  ¡Fue una noche muy divertida!

Spanish speakers please feel free to comment and make corrections to my elementary message.  :)

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