Friday, March 30, 2012

Who wants some whale blubber?

I met with a friend yesterday and talked about how we will be “traveling” to Greenland for Travel on Tuesday with the kids this week.  Have you ever Googled recipes for Greenland?  Let’s just say not your typical fare.  I realize that I will not find any caribou or whale in my local grocer’s freezer, even living in an international mecca!  And even if I did find whale, would I really buy and cook it?  Um, no.

This brings me to the following very funny moment.  I told my friend that my kids were looking forward to eating whale blubber, and when I looked at her expression which was of shock and awe, I had to explain that I was kidding.  I have some pretty picky eaters living in my house.     

Here’s the proof:

The Dad:  He’s a meat and potato, sausage on pizza, hot dog at the ball park, cheeseburger on the grill – kind of guy.

The Middle Schooler:  Swears by the White Diet: potato, bread, rice, pasta, cheese, bananas, and chicken.  Oh, and cheeseburgers too.   We negotiate the consumption of every piece of vegetable that he eats which includes carrot sticks and the occasional broccoli bite and cucumber slice. 

The Diva:  She eats 10 things.  Greek yogurt with honey, cucumbers, chicken nuggets, pasta with olive oil, Cheerios, hot dog buns, rice, carrot sticks, apples, and jelly sandwiches.  Sometimes we play a fun game of counting and eating peas.    

Little A:  It would be easier for me to write what he can’t eat.  Tree nuts, peanuts, dairy, egg, soy, shellfish, all legumes, sesame, and I am pretty sure we’ll be adding corn on our next visit to the allergist.

So in a nutshell, the effort that goes into meal planning for Travel on Tuesday is…for me

Be honest, we all could use a monkey wrench (the good kind) thrown in our routines once in a while.   Make it sandwich night if it’s a flop, cook whatever you normally eat but print pictures of traditional meals from the country you have picked, but most importantly have fun!

And resurrect the wanderlust inside of you that flirts with the desire to pack a carry-on and hop on the next flight to anywhere…  

And day dream…
And imagine yourself hiking up a volcano…
or feeding a camel…
or sitting seaside listening to the waves...

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