Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Travel on Tuesday to Greenland

I absolutely love it when my kids pick a place that they think is strange for Travel on Tuesday.  This week we went to Greenland where we learned about the Inuit culture and their cuisine, the Arctic tundra, the icebergs of Disko Bay, and the fascinating Northern Lights.  It was without a doubt a lesson in cultural appreciation as it isn't always that you have walrus eyes on the menu!

We raised the flag of Greenland and sat down for a typical meal of fish, rice and salad (although only the fish is traditional fare for Greenlandic cuisine).  For many reasons it would have been difficult for me to cook food that included caribou or seal.   I used video on the iPad to show the kids the culture of the Inuit hunters and how they use every part of the animal they hunt - meat for food, fat for fuel, bones and teeth for art, fur for shoes and protection from the cold. 

I was pleasantly surprised that the kids really enjoyed learning about Greenland even though we didn't have any decorations, or a special craft this time.  They genuinely showed interest in the snowy landscape and the beautiful Aurora Borealis.  I did get a couple of "Ew" comments when I explained that they eat parts of an animal that we usually don't, but my idea of walrus eyes (mozzarella and olives) made them smile.

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