Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Travel on Tuesday to Japan

The magic of Travel on Tuesday strikes again!  This week we pretended to travel to Japan for our family geography project.  We visited Kinkakuji, the Golden Temple of Kyoto, made origami paper cats, talked about the 40+ volcanoes that make up Honshu island and ate vegetarian sushi and sushi rice.  But the most interesting thing that happened that night was when the kids showed me in their own way that they are becoming globally aware, and it isn't a figment of my imagination!

As I was carefully cutting the sushi rolls the kids didn't miss a beat.  They pulled out their chopsticks and dug right into the sushi rice like little pros.  Little A still has not appreciated the sticky texture of the rice yet, but I give him tons of credit for giving it another try, even after his unsatisfactory reaction during Travel on Tuesday to China

The middle-schooler and the Diva both tried the vegetarian sushi rolls which thrilled me, and they took turns making a mini zen garden by raking sand (we used a toy rake, but a fork works just as well) in a paper plate and adding rocks. 

Then, the Diva chimes in with the statement that made me cock my head to one side and take a pause.

“Mom, you know what I noticed?  China and Japan have the same kind of rice.  And I bet it’s because they’re close to the same place on the map which must mean they grow the same foods.”

I was speechless which worked out just fine because I don’t think I could’ve said it better myself!

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