Monday, May 14, 2012

Venetian Memories

When I was a student at the University of Barcelona I took a trip to Italy with a friend.  In Venice, we sat at a restaurant and decided to be gastronomically adventurous.  We pointed to an entree on the all-Italian menu not having any clue what we were going to be served.  I don’t remember what I ended up with, but the look on my friend’s face when they served her left a lasting impression on my mind.  She ordered a linguini that was cooked in black ink (I assume squid), and the black pasta was intertwined among the legs of an octopus. 
It didn't look like anything either of us had ever seen before.  She couldn’t eat it so we exchanged dishes.  Having grown up with octopus, I did not find it as much of a challenge to eat.  Without a doubt, it is one of the most memorable meals I’ve ever had. 

Upon searching, I am not alone:

Join our Travels!  Each week we pick a different country to travel to.  We color flags, make crafts that pertain to the country, find it on the map, and enjoy a traditional meal.  It's the perfect way to teach geography and global awareness to our children, and they love an exciting and different approach to dinner.    

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