Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Travel on Tuesday to the Netherlands

For the last three weeks we have been traveling to the Netherlands.  Actually, that isn't entirely accurate.  We really only did Travel on Tuesday to the Netherlands on June 5th and took a little break from it because of the end-of the-school-year chaos, planning our summer geography camp schedules, and the sudden race to 250 votes for Chase: Mission Small Business.  (Reminder:  We need 250 votes by June 30th, so log on to Chase and please vote for Footprints of the Mind!)

However, all things considered, it was another easy global family adventure because of the Travel on Tuesday Travel KITs.  Here is a screen shot of a sample page within the 11 page PDF file for the Netherlands.

The beautiful thing about a packet like this is three-fold.
  • The research is all done for you.  No pictures to look for, no facts to find, no crafts to brainstorm, no maps to dig up.  Save your time and energy.  All you have to do is print the file and lend a hand wherever needed.
  • It is simple.  Information overload is one reason why learning today seems to involve more resourcefulness with Google than with plain, simple, good ol' brain power.  We want kids to retain what they learn and if you have little ones at home, this Travel KIT provides just the right balance of information between cultural awareness, political geography, landscapes, landmarks, and a little bit of travel related fun with passport stamps and boarding passes.  
  • 100% recyclable.  Keep what you want and recycle the rest.  Save your craft, cut out pictures for your Travel Album, cut out your passport stamp, but put the paper in the recycling bin.  We want you to learn about the world, but we want you do be respectful of its resources as well.  
Oh, and most importantly, it is instant.  Picture this: It's 30 minutes before dinner and the kids tell you they want to "travel" to Morocco.  Say YES!  Log on to Travel on Tuesday, select Morocco and print!  No need to wait for any packages to arrive, and you have more flexibility to chose where to travel to.  If you have more time, plan a traditional meal to enhance the experience. 

We want everyone teaching their kids about the world. will launch soon and we want you to join our adventures.  Print the Travel KITs, use your imagination, put on your apron and attempt a new meal from around the world, but by all means do something!

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