Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Yes, Ryan, you are going to make that!

At Footprints of the Mind we don't just talk about where a country is on the map.  We sight-see by looking at photos of landmarks, we touch the country by studying textiles and other artifacts, we smell the country (cloves and coconut, coffee beans or seaweed), we hear the country through traditional music, and sometimes we even get up and dance.  Stimulating their senses help transport the kids to lands far away.   

In addition to our amazing Travel Trunk of treasures, we send kids home with an awesome art project.  Something they can keep to remember the country either by its history, by a notable celebration, or maybe even a unique tradition that doesn't happen anywhere else in the world, such as decorating a Thai Spirit House.

In this picture you will see 4 paper towel tubes and a cardboard box.  But we saw a castle on a rolling hill in Bavaria, and little Ryan saw a knight on a horse and a moat with a fire-breathing dragon.  The crafts we do are always in line with the highest standards in fun and self expression, and most definitely worthy of shelf space! 

Share their story.

Share their imagination.

Share us.

Kids that love amazing crafts thank you.

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