Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Footprints of the Mind featured on WGN TV!

We have exciting news to share!  Footprints of the Mind was featured on WGN TV today for the launch of www.TravelonTuesday.com!  The Focus on Family segment featured the Travel on Tuesday Travel KIT from India where I was able to point out some of the pages that the KIT offers including the flag, boarding passes, passport stamps, images, and the hand-on craft which was the peacock.  

Here is a picture of me getting ready for the segment.

What an amazing and fun way to show this to people!   I have been doing Travel on Tuesday for so long at home and to have an opportunity like this really validates the importance of the programs we have with Footprints of the Mind.

A big Thank You to WGN for hosting me today!

If you would like to watch the segment with Dina Bair, visit this link:


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