Friday, August 17, 2012

Travel on Tuesday to Spain

I was elated when we decided to have our family's global adventure, Travel on Tuesday, to Spain this week.  I spent a year studying at the Universitat de Barcelona and have fond memories of my adventures (and misadventures) wandering through Europe.  Barcelona is a beautiful city, and Spain is definitely on my top five favorite countries on the planet. 

One of the many reasons I like Spain is because of the culture of eating tapas.  I am more the kind of person that would rather taste a variety of flavors than enjoy a heaping mound of just a couple of things, so tapas were actually invented for me.  :) Ok, perhaps not, but I do enjoy appetizers over a large meal any day of the week.   

The dinner I put together in just 30 minutes to celebrate Travel on Tuesday to Spain included Pincho de Pollo asado (grilled chicken skewers), arroz (Spanish rice), Pan con tomate (bread with tomato), jamon serano (I used prosciutto because I was not able to find the real deal), manchego cheese and Spanish olives. 

I could actually do Travel on Tuesday to Spain and cover only one city with each visit, Avila, Madrid, Toledo, San Sebastian, Cordoba, etc., but I spent my focus doing what I knew best, which was tell stories of walking down Las Ramblas with friends, hitchhiking to Pamplona for the running of the bulls, going to Seville for the World’s Fair…living larger than life.    

One the most beautiful things about Barcelona is the influence that Antoni Gaudi has in the city.  Everywhere you turn there is a building that defiles architectural rules and norm.  Garlic clove shaped chimneys (Casa Batllo), Town homes organically blending with nature to look as though they were carved out of rock (Casa Mila), the Sagrada Familia with its memorable spires, and Park Guell with enough colorful mosaic tiles to spellbind anyone enjoying a peaceful visit. 

Our craft project included making our own mosaics for Park Guell.  The Diva started out on a piece of construction paper, and then decided that she needed something more 3-dimensional.  Below are our “Cool Bugs”.   

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  1. We also "traveled" to Spain this week and the kids loved it. I also prepared the pan con tomate with manchengo cheese, beef skewers, and a spanish omelette (ok, so it was just an omelette). The kids had a great time decorating their paper mosaic tiles. Thanks for the wonderful ideas!! Suz

    1. That is awesome Suz! Hey, meal improvisation is better than not trying at all. I have to make modifications all the time. (See: Travel on Tuesday to Greenland for my idea of walrus eyes) Where will you travel to next? Thanks for sharing your special night with us!