Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Geography Enrichment Programs for schools

As disappointing it is to see the last days of summer vacation coming to a close, I am excited thinking about all the "global travelers" we will be meeting in our after-school enrichment programs and in-school field trips this coming year.

Footprints of the Mind's mobile classroom fulfills the need for quality, non-traditional, engaging methods to teach geography.  Children ages 4 - 8, passport in hand, will travel to a new destination in our wonderful world.  During our “travels” the children will learn about new cultures, map recognition, study artifacts, complete a special craft, and more.  We look forward to providing young children with the environment to optimally learn, explore and grow into the next generation of global citizens.   

Visit Footprints of the Mind's website for more information about bringing Geography Enrichment Programs to your school! 

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