Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Travel on Tuesday to South Africa

The Chicago Teachers Union strike brought on many emotions for parents and kids affected by the sudden extension of their summer vacation.   I, for one, was not really upset about it.  Not getting involved in the specifics about politics and contract negotiations, I can say that the thing I dislike the most about school is the spirit-sucking routine that we fall into and then struggle all year to get out of on weekends.

Wake, school, snack, activities, homework, repeat.  I was equally interested in a summer extension as my kids were!

My foremost curiosity was to see if self-motivated, what would the Middle-Schooler, Diva, and Little A choose to do?

I loved it.  And in the middle of all this was Travel on Tuesday to South Africa.  I tried my hand in making Bobotie (South Africa's national dish) and we had an awesome recommendation from Mother Tongues regarding a craft idea that we found on The Crafty Cow's website.

The best part of this Travel on Tuesday is that Little A, who is only about-to-be-4 years old, picked where we were going to travel to.  He stood at the map on the wall for a few moments saying "hhmm" and then decided on South Africa.

Back to the CTU strike, I think we did OK filling our time with meaningful activities.  My only complaint was that if I had known it was going to last as long as it did, I may have considered an *actual* trip and not a virtual one!

Join us for Travel on Tuesday, our virtual, family-based global adventure project!     

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