Saturday, September 29, 2012

Wander Our World to Morocco

By: Kaprice Dal Cerro
Footprints of the Mind Program Director

Each week Wander our World travels with our Geo Agents from local area schools and brings the world and adventure to them. This week we traveled to the Northern part of Africa to Morocco. This was new territory to the kids because they have never heard of Morocco. It was an even bigger surprise when they found out Morocco is in Africa.

After learning that Morocco was in Africa some of my students said “I know Africa that is where you see Zebras and Elephants”. Though you can find Zebras and Elephants in parts of Africa the children learned that they are not native to Morocco. Animals such as Dorcas Gazelle, Fennec Fox, and Sloughi are some of the native animals that you may see during your visit.

During our adventure we smelled some of the native spices such as Ginger, Turmeric, Paprika, and Cinnamon.  Many of the children were not big fans of the scents of the spices but some of my students did agree to at least give them a try when they are cooked in a meal.  A big hit was the Tagine. Tagine’s are a ceramic triangle covered dish that you keep your spices in.

Our travel trunk includes many treasures from the country we travel to.  The kids are always very curious and excited to see what treasures we bring for them to see and feel. Morocco’s travel trunk included boys and girls clothing, finger tambourines, which each of the children tried to see if they could make them work. It is not as easy as it seems. A big hit was our oil lamp that resembles a genie lamp from the movie “Aladdin”. Each of the children were very excited to rub the lantern and make a wish (I will be checking with them during out next class to see if their wishes came true).

Our adventure also included learning about and touching Moroccan textiles and watching a video of a person’s travel through the Marrakech. Marrakech is one of the most famous markets in the world where you can go and purchase just about anything.  One of my students commented about the shopper that was purchasing live birds, “EWE!  Did you see that?!  They were buying a live bird”!  The video gave the students a sneak peek to what Morocco really looks like and how the people of Morocco live.

Morocco is also full of bright, bold colors especially on their doors. Each of our classes includes a culture related craft project to the country we visit. During our trip to Morocco we created our own bright and beautiful Moroccan doors. The kids absolutely loved this project. Their imaginations went wild, and they were so proud of the masterpieces they created.

Take a look at some of the AMAZING artwork……
Working on their doors


Our Geo Agents are having so much fun learning in our class that they have told me “I wish I could be in your class 8 days a week!”  I cannot even begin to share with you how that melts my heart and confirms that what we sharing with the kids is important and the love it!     

Stay tuned for our next adventure! 

Footprints of the Mind Program Director – Wander our World Class Instructor

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