Monday, October 8, 2012

Down, Down, Down We Go To Costa Rica

By Kaprice Dal Cerro - Program Director - Footprints of the Mind ~ Wander Our World Class Instructor

This week the kids were very surprised at how close Costa Rica appeared to North America. Our travelers got very creative on how we should travel from North America to Costa Rica. What do you think is a good way to get to Central America? Boats, trains, zip line? Too simple for our kids! A very LONG and FAST slide brought us to Costa Rica. Fun and exhilarating to say the least.

During our time in Costa Rica we learned that locals are called "Tico's" or "Tica's". People native to Costa Rica are a little shorter than their North American friends and we found that their furniture was not as tall as ours. We were also quite taken with all the beautiful beaches and sea life. Make sure you bring your GPS with you because street signs and addresses are limited as many people in Costa Rica navigate by landmarks. As a rule of thumb keep in mind that all the churches face West so that may help putting you in the right direction. Just recently street signs are being installed. 

Some fun and interesting facts we learned about Costa Rica is that when you unlock a door it turns to the left and not the right as we are accustomed to in North America. It was refreshing to learn that during bull fights the bull is never hurt and the bull is often the winner. If you plan on traveling to Costa Rica one very important thing to remember when using a faucet is that the "C" may stand for "caliente" which is Spanish for "hot", not cold as you may be accustomed to.

Of course we could not forget about the bright and brilliantly painted ox carts that are all over Costa Rica. The kids creativity blossomed as they painted their own carts for home. Some of our travelers wanted a full scale cart they could put on their front lawn. Not sure if Mom or Dad would have wanted to hitch an ox cart to their car on the way home. That did inspire me to think about what a wonderful fund raising opportunity that would be. Kids sure can bring out the best inspiration in all of us.

Until our next journey.....


Costa Rica Ox Cart
Ox Cart

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