Friday, October 26, 2012

Safari Adventure in Tanzania

Submitted by Kaprice Dal Cerro ~ Footprints of the Mind Program Director ~ Wander Our World Class Instructor


Hello from Tanzania! Our week started out with a bang. We were invited to do an in-school field trip for a local school for a kindergarten classroom. The students were very excited to know they were going on a field trip, but a little confused when they realized they were not leaving their classroom. We quickly showed them how much fun an in-school field trip is! 

As with all of our classes we share with the students information about the world's continents and a fun song to help them learn and retain the information. Children are such sponges. It took three rounds and they memorized the song perfectly. What a smart bunch of kids! 

This class was really creative with their imagination hats on.  Imagination hats are used when thinking of creative ways to travel from North America to their travel destination such as Tanzania.  During this trip the students zip-lined and even used their skateboards across the ocean. I want a magical skateboard like that.  

Our day of travel was filled with lots of adventures. I shared a book with the students about an African safari with the Masai tribe. They learned how to count to 10 in Swahili and how the Masai tribe built their homes. The students got a much broader understanding when we shared with them a video of the Masai tribe. We were all amazed at how HIGH the Masai can jump. I secretly think they have springs in their legs (just kidding).

How many Wildebeest generally cross the Serengeti during migration? At least 10,000 or more at a time.  The students were amazed at seeing the massive amount of Wildebeest migrating at one time. They sure are good jumpers and climbers. We all laughed as we witnessed a Wildebeest traffic jam.  

The students then partnered up and prepared for their safari adventure. How many animals did they find? At least 24 of Africa's amazing wildlife. Some animals they have never even see before. They did make sure to watch out for the lions. 

Our adventure was not over yet. We shared some of the secrets about Tingatinga art so the student could put their own interpretation to work. They created some beautiful pieces of artwork! They are proudly being displayed in their school for other students to admire. 
Each of our travel adventures allows us to bring the world to the children. We look forward to sharing these experiences with many more children and classrooms. 

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