Wednesday, October 24, 2012

School Enrichment Programs Make A Difference In A Child's Life

Submitted by Kaprice Dal Cerro - Program Director ~ Footprints of the Mind ~ Wander Our World Class Instructor

I am no different than other parents I know looking for an after-school or weekend program that  my children will love and that I see a real benefit to, especially when there is added costs. That is why I was very excited when I was able to join Footprints of the Mind and help to create programs that I, myself, as a parent would love to see available for my own children. 

Wander Our World has allowed me the opportunity to bring to life and create new meaning of the world to so many young people. Each time I meet with my students I see their eyes light up as they learn about new places and new people. I often wonder if the kids are as excited about our "travels" as I am because I am also learning new things about our world!  Children's open minds share the wealth of excitement each of us should have when learning about the amazing places our world holds.

Enrichment programs are very important to the young and old. So many new opportunities are shared through enrichment programs that can offer new opportunities to each of us that we never knew existed. For me personally I always knew there was something more for me than the typical "corporate" 9-5 job, and each day that I have the opportunity to work with each of my students it is confirmed.

When our students share their joy about our program  how could it not make you smile and your heart melt!  We love our students too and are so happy we can share this experience with them!

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