Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Interconnected. The "New" Geography.

Remember the days when your parents would find their address book, pick up the corded telephone, and dial the numbers very slowly to try to reach their loved ones on the other side of the world?  Sometimes, it would take all day to get through because the "lines were congested".  When they would get someone on the phone, they would speak very loudly over the crackling noise, and hang up within a couple of minutes because the call would cost 2-3 days worth of pay.

Now look at today's world.  People from all walks of life, most of them never having met in person, communicate with each other within seconds and mostly at whim - with the only major obstacle being sleep - within the varying timezones. 


The world is shrinking, boundaries are less defined, cultures are conjoining.  

And you are a parent raising a child in this interconnected world.

How do you heighten your child's interest in the world?  How do you raise the next generation of leaders in this world of increased communication, improved transportation, and globalization?

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