Monday, January 28, 2013

Winternational Picnic at Franklin Fine Arts Center

Footprints of the Mind was invited to assist Franklin Fine Arts Center in Chicago with their Winternational Picnic this past Saturday.  The event happened to coincide with Australia Day (January 26, 2013) and since one of our most popular Travel Trunks for our geography enrichment program is Australia, we couldn't wait to educate the students about the wonderful Australian culture including Aboriginal artwork.
In addition to our Australian walking stick, and other trunk items, we recently acquired an authentic boomerang from Laddie Timbery, a highly respected Koori elder from the Eora Nation of the Bidjigal clan from the region of the NSW in Australia.  His great grandmother's work had been sent to England in the early 1900's as gifts for Queen Elizabeth, and Laddie's artwork can be found in Australian national museums as well as international museums.  By definition, this hand-carved boomerang is truly a treasure!

Our craft project for Australia was the Didgeridoo, an indigenous wind instrument carved from eucalyptus tree trunks that have been hollowed out by termites.  They make a memorable sound that is very difficult to describe (check out Australia on William Wanders to hear the sound).  We made our didgeridoos out of PVC, but when done correctly, the sound is pretty close.  The students had a great time decorating theirs with Aboriginal Dot Art.

 The second country we displayed was Morocco.  It was so great to be able to introduce a land and culture to the students of Franklin that isn't as common.  They were able to see images of the desert landscape, watch a video of a souk, smell various spices, feel the texture of authentic Berber textiles, and learn about the intricate architecture of Moroccan doors. 

The craft project for Morocco involved decorating a small piece of wood to resemble a door.  The students were able to choose from a variety of stamp designs and colors to accentuate their artwork.  The amount of concentration that was displayed by the students of Franklin left an impression on us.  It is not surprising though.  Franklin Fine Art Center breeds students of imagination and creativity, and as their website says "Academics + Arts = Inspiration".  Now there's a quote that we at Footprints of the Mind can also relate to!  
To see more pictures of the event visit our Facebook page.  Also, the Franklin Fine Arts Center is hosting an upcoming fundraiser themed "Light the Night".  Visit their website for more information or to help support this school.  Footprints of the Mind is donating a special auction item for the event.  We hope you can check it out! 


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