Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Deep Blue Sea - A World Oceans Day Event

The United Nations has recognized World Oceans Day (June 8th) since 2008.  At Footprints of the Mind, we also recognize the importance of the world's oceans and have hosted special workshops to celebrate this day.  This was our 3rd year participating in World Oceans Day and our workshop did not fail to impress.

Our workshop inspiration came from the book The Deep Blue Sea, by Audrey Wood.

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Our group of young travelers constructed their own "red rock in the middle of the deep blue sea" and dubbed it United Nations Island complete with U.N. member flags.  We then learned some SCUBA sign language to assist us with our imaginative dive into the beautiful waters.  We watched some vibrant and exciting videos from dive masters, and used what we learned about marine life to help design our own sea creature art project.
Using sign language, the Footprint of the Mind "divers" are telling us they see scorpion fish in the sea.
 We wrote pledges on what we will do this year to help protect our oceans.  Some awesome pledges include:
"I promise to recycle to protect our oceans."
"I promise to stop drinking from plastic water bottles."
"I promise to clean up after going to the beach to protect our oceans."
A special THANK YOU to all our wonderful World Oceans Day travelers for participating in our special workshop recognizing the importance of protecting our oceans.  We look forward to seeing you again soon while we Wander Our World!

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