Saturday, July 19, 2014

Wander Our World to Nigeria

One of the best things about Wander Our World is the hands-on experience of our Travel Trunk. During our in-person classes, we never know when we are going to spark a child's wonderment as every child is different.  Some like the stories we read, some prefer the videos, some like our craft projects, some prefer our Q and A about country facts, but nearly every single one of the children we have met over the years have expressed curiosity and excitement during the time we pass around the precious items from our Travel Trunk.

What is the Travel Trunk?
Our fun picture pretending to travel on a plane with the Travel Trunk as a VIP passenger.
Our travel trunk is our mobile museum.  We source products that were made from the country of origin, or are representative of something that they country is known for, such as our didgeridoo for Australia (though we would absolutely LOVE to have one made in Australia!). We pass around the artifacts while sitting in a circle and every child has the ability to examine them and enjoy the tactile experience.

Recently I was inspired to take photos of a few of the items in our Nigerian Travel Trunk.

 Ibeji twin figures
Yoruba mask
Hausa basket bowl
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Can you find Nigeria on the map?

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