Friday, July 3, 2015

Wander Our World to Australia

We recently posted an image of a craft project that we created of the blue-ringed octopus on Instagram. It seemed to receive a nice following and even though the craft project itself was kind of cool, the story behind that class was even better.

We were invited to a special needs classroom in Barrington, Illinois with children that ranged in age from 7-12. We learned a continent song, brought our Travel Trunk of artifacts to pass around, and completed the blue-ringed octopus craft.

The kids were amazed and engaged. Learning about the world at any age is fascinating. Our imaginative journey to Australia didn't cease to impress. How can it not with an Australian walking stick to accompany us while we learn cool facts about the largest island in the world!

But the most important lesson we learned that day is the impact that our program has for young kids and especially for children who cannot travel or are limited in what they can physically do. In just an hour's time we opened the minds of these kids to an awesome country in our wonderful world. We were happy to hear that the feeling was mutual. This was the testimonial we received:

"The in-school field trip was amazing! Irene and Kaprice did a wonderful job differentiating their curriculum to meet the needs of a class with students who have significant special needs. All of our students were engaged in the activities and loved the lesson. With visual, musical, and hands on aspects, all of the students’ needs were met. We can't wait to have them back to travel to new destinations around the world!"

Jennifer S.,
School Psychologist

Make your own blue-ringed octopus: 10" round pizza board, blue cellophane, shells, flat shimmer beads, manilla paper, sparkle foam, 1" googly eyes, and nylon knee-highs.

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